tried to animate a walking cycle <3I’m way too impatient for animation…
10.20.14 /23:43/ 2
10.10.14 /23:10/ 9
wärmflaschen sind ersatzkatzen <3
09.27.14 /13:12/ 14
work in progress – six aceo/kakao cards to be more precise. let’s see where this will lead to…
08.24.14 /20:24/ 14

before I went on holiday with my family, I finished the last pages of my sketchbook. it would’ve had it’s first anniversary in like one week – but never mind: here are the first pages of my new one. it’s another DIN A5 hahnemühle sketchbook, I’m happy with the way it works for watercolour stuff!

I love patterns – inspired by shujin’s cardigan in bakuman und my mum’s trivets.

using twitter more than tumblr lately…: @fruchtdrop

I want to finish my sketchbook before august 18th – 14 pages left!

there it goes!
07.20.14 /19:11/ 6
06.29.14 /16:21/ 12
Canvas  by  andbamnan